How would you feel if a state of emergency was declared in your country on the day you set up a business? The answer, although it may seem impossible, does not have to be negative. And the most obvious example is that of the Catalan company SourzzIn. Indeed, it was founded on March 13, the same day that the government announced the exceptional situation due to the pandemic, but far from cowing its leaders, this company looked ahead.

“We will surely be one of the few companies incorporated in Spain on the day this new reality began. That is why SourzzIn carries in its DNA a proposal for change, collaboration, trust and, above all, proximity to the client” says Manel Fernández, CEO of the company.

SourzzIn: born the same day the state of alarm began - SourzzIn

Incidentally, this company’s business is to offer customized solutions to boost companies internationally. “We are based on the search and implementation of customized solutions in the field of purchasing, logistics, and customs”, emphasizes its website. Global supply management, import, and export purchasing outsourcing, and international business development are other services offered by SourzzIn.

Starting this activity amid a state of alarm posed a double challenge. On the one hand, the challenge of building a business model in circumstances opposed to those foreseen; and on the other hand, the challenge of collaborating with the expansive challenge of other companies that, in difficult times, choose to improve, especially in terms of their internationalization.

As the company explains, diversification and globalization are the keys to the future. SourzzIn is clear that a commitment to change, collaboration, and trust are also the key to building a business



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