With an eye to the future, we stopped to analyze what could put an end to smartphones: contact lenses with artificial intelligence. We also delve into a new type of fuel: synthetic oil. Finally, as at SourzzIn, we are known for innovating and looking for new ways of doing things, we have changed the section that contains the newsletter, and, perhaps, it will be a pleasant surprise for more than one of you.

Mojo Lens is a grain-of-sand-sized contact lens, which can be worn daily, capable of projecting images onto your vision using powerful technology to modify reality by adding a layer of information.

They have a MicroLED screen and a resolution indistinguishable from reality: 14,000 dots per inch, making them the most minor and densest screen in the world.

They also incorporate sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, which are necessary to compensate for constant eye movement and to ensure that the projected image remains fixed in the field of vision, floating above reality without moving as it follows the eye movement.

It is controlled through “a unique and intuitive interface based on eye tracking that allows users to access content and select items without hand or gesture-based controllers, just the natural movement of the eyes”

According to Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkin: “Turns out, the future is a lot closer than most people think. In fact, the future is already here. I’ve seen it. I’ve worn it. It works. It all happened at Mojo Vision’s labs in Saratoga, CA on June 23, 2022, and it was the first ever on-eye demonstration of a feature-complete augmented reality smart contact lens.”.

Despite the advances and the fact that it is fully functional, Mojo Lens is not on sale because there are still some steps to be taken before it reaches the stores, such as the approval of the health authorities or the resolution of technical aspects, as well as the optical adjustment of the lenses for each user, assures El Confidencial.

In November 2021 a light aircraft took off from a small airport in southern England and made history as its short journey, commanded by a British Royal Air Force pilot, was the world’s first flight made solely on synthetic fuel, setting a new Guinness World Record.

From Bilbao, Spain, to the Nevada desert in the United States and southern Chile, interest in synthetic fuels is growing at a time when the search for alternatives to traditional fuels is more urgent than ever.

Both fossil and synthetic fuels are hydrocarbons. The difference between them lies in the source from which both hydrogen and carbon are obtained.

In the case of synthetic fuels, hydrogen can be obtained by separating the hydrogen and oxygen components of a water molecule by a process that uses electricity and is called water electrolysis. Carbon, on the other hand, can come from the chimney of a factory that is spewing CO2 or captured directly from the air. “If you have captured CO2 from the air, as you capture it from the atmosphere and when you burn the synthetic fuel you put it back into the atmosphere, the value is neutral, there is no additional pollution.”, says Carlos Calvo Ambel, a transport and energy expert with the Brussels-based NGO Transport and Environment.

For synthetic fuels to be sustainable, “the key is that the whole process is done with renewable electricity,” says Calvo Ambel. “If you don’t use renewable electricity there the process is not clean.” Although current production is very small, the different companies involved in this change are using different methods to achieve the same result: sustainable fuel.

However, the biggest challenge facing synthetic oil is its need for large amounts of renewable energy, says BBC News.

In the last 6 editions, we have shared with you what we were reading. Every 15 days there was a reading recommendation. This time we made a change or plot twist in movie jargon, and we’ll tell you what we’re seeing.

Devils is set in the city of London during the great European crisis. Dominic Morgan is the CEO of a U.S. bank and one of the most powerful men in finance worldwide. He receives Massimo Ruggero, a ruthless Italian businessman, and his star recruit.

After numerous successes at NYL Investment Bank, Massimo becomes the prime suspect in a scandal involving his wife and the murder of a colleague, an event that shakes his professional career. This will cause his CEO and mentor Dominic to withdraw his support and trust.

As Massimo tries to clear his name with the help of a journalist and find out who set him up, he discovers that Dominic is hiding certain things and ends up involved in an intercontinental financial war that shakes Europe. It is after this that he will have to choose to ally himself with his mentor or confront him.

To bring to life this financial thriller, which has just released its second season, the cast is composed by Alessandro Borghi (Suburra, The First King: Birth of an Empire) who plays Massimo Ruggero, Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy, The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair) in the role of Dominic Morgan, Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Sherlock, House of Cards), Laia Costa (Victoria, Foodie Love) and a large cast of international talent.

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