USA 🇺🇸 is the goal set in the international expansion plans of many companies, but the complexity, competitiveness and often high costs in the internationalization process make it very difficult for many SMEs to achieve this goal.

To provide innovative solutions and facilitate this process for our customers, today we are proud to present our partnership with our friends at xNova International.

From the first day we met the xNova International team, led by Amado Villar Orero and Miguel Ortega Garcia, we realized that we had to work together. We share the same work philosophy and the same way of facing the present and the future, which is to unite and work as a team.

And what is xNova International, you may ask?

xNova International provides small and medium-sized companies with the data and technology used by large multinationals, at a fraction of the cost.

1️⃣ Looking for U.S. importers.
2️⃣ Follow your competitor’s transactions (Bills of Landing).
3️⃣ Analyze the demand for your product by state, tariffs and prices.
4️⃣ Follow competitors’ prices in different stores.

Learn more about xNova International and our exclusive discount through this link:




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