A couple of weeks ago we had to deal with a situation that any importer would try to avoid at all costs: the destruction of the goods.

What happened?

The importer purchased from a third country supplier, in this case, China. So far this is a very common occurrence and one that we often encounter with many customers. This is usually what they tell us:

💬 I bought this product in China; we have received it and when clearing customs, we are requested and here the problem begins!

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When contacting the supplier and making the purchase, key issues such as the customs requirements that the product requires, the necessary documentation, product certifications, and in many cases, those linked to the company, depending on the type of product to be imported, were not verified.

The absence of several of these certifications and the verification that the product in question did not have any limitation or restriction to the import and after several requirements by customs, gave rise to three options:

  1. Returned to origin
  2. Sent to a third country
  3. Destroyed

From here, we can all imagine the collapse on the part of the customer, can’t we?

And now what do we do?

What can we extract from all this?

Here are a couple of tips:

🎯 Previously analyze what you want to import.

🎯 Comply with all regulations since each product may require different documentation and certifications. Do not make the mistake that EVERYTHING is imported in the same way!

🎯 These processes are thorough. For this reason, it is best to have it carried out by specialists in customs procedures. And you, do you take these points into account before making an import purchase?



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