Thanks to our adhesion to the Alconext commercial network, we have expanded our support and our collaboration network, since this entity has commercial offices in 35 countries around the world.

Who is part of it? Companies with their respective commercial offices in countries such as China, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and Hong Kong.
This makes foreign trade operations more agile, dynamic and transparent. This partnership generates a very productive exchange of goods and know-how at both the strategic and operational levels.

Being in Spain, with the ability to delegate management and carry it out with total confidence in a distant country in geographical terms, such as China, Israel or Colombia, is an invaluable input since the current situation is showing us a world where the rules of the game will be increasingly different.

Thus, the services we provide to the market apply to all countries participating in this network. We can manage an export from Spain or any country of the European Union, handling everything related to documentation, shipping and freight, and receive it in the country of destination, smoothly and with the same treatment as in origin since trust is the most important value of our business philosophy.



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